Focus on the Japanese health insurances system

Focus on the Japanese health insurances system

Since 1961, there are two health insurances systems in Japan. If you stay more than 3 months in Japan, you have to subscribe to one of them. 


 1) Employees' Health Insurance : Shakai kenkō hoken”

If you are an employee in Japan, your company has the obligation to subscribe you to this system for you and your dependents (wife/husband, children, parents, younger brother and sister). Please note that if your dependent makes more than 1 300 000 Yens per year, he needs to subscribe to his own personal insurance. 

The levy of contributions is automatically deducted from you salary each month. 


2) National Health Insurance : "Kokumin kenkō hoken”

This insurance is designed for people who are not eligible to be members of the Employees Health Insurance program. For example: freelancer, student, non-Japanese resident in Japan with a visa lasting 3 months or longer, etc. 

You have to register at your residence’s town hall. Monthly contributions will differ based on where you live, your income, and your number of dependents.


Japanese insurance card


Health insurance generally covers 70% of medical expenses and is accepted at most clinics and hospitals.


The services supported by the health insurance are:

  • medical examinations,
  • medication,
  • medical supplies,
  • emergency care,
  • surgical and medical treatments,
  • nursing at home,
  • hospitalization in hospitals and clinics approved by Health insurance,
  • medical transportation.


Are not covered by the health insurance:

  • checkups,
  • vaccinations,
  • plastic surgery,
  • abortion,
  • some high-tech interventions.


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