7 best running spots in Tokyo and the surrounding area

7 best running spots in Tokyo and the surrounding area

We have selected for you 7 incredible spots to run in downtown Tokyo and the surrounding area. Tested and approved by Keren Miers, our Triathlon, Running and Swimming Coach! Let us guide you to appreciate these moments of sport and relaxation!


1. Imperial Palace

Certainly the most popular running route in Tokyo, it’s a 5km circuit around the Imperial Palace. (“Kōkyo” in Japanese) The route can be a little crowded during lunch times and on the weekends, but if you like running on mainly flat terrain with a slight hill to test you, then this course is made for you!

There are three sentos and many “running stations” located nearby for runners looking for a place to safely leave their gear, and to clean up after their session. More information is on this article from the Japan Times.

Recommended Running Stations:

Joglis Hanzomon

Raffine at Hibiya or Kanda

Access is easy from these stations: Otemachi, Hibiya, Hanzomon and Takebashi. 


2. Akasaka Palace

Known as the “Gosho” and located between the Yotsuya and Aoyama Itchome stations, the Palace is the official residence of the Crown Prince. It is also the location of the State Guest House, the residence for foreign dignitaries on official visits.

The route around the Palace is a circuit of 3.3km with two short, sharp hills. Less crowded than the Imperial Palace, it allows to you to pleasantly mix the discovery of Tokyo with a little exercise.


3. Yoyogi Park

Very well-known by both Japanese and tourists for its location close to the Harajuku and Omotesando district as well as the Meji Shrine, Yoyogi Park (Yoyogi Koen) with its many paths and detours is an ideal place to run. The luxuriance of its greenery and the wide open spaces makes it a pleasant place in all seasons. 

No excuses, the park is open 24/7!

Closest stations: JR Harajuku and Meji-Jingu-Mae.


4. Komazawa Park

Constructed for the 1964 summer Olympics Games, Komazawa Park (Komazawa Koen) is a very a good place to run and to have good moments with family or friends. 

Running tracks inside the park are conveniently marked with distance markers so you can see your progress.

Very close to Komazawa-daigaku station on the Den-en-toshi Line in Setagaya-ku, the park has specific jogging and cycling routes. It's a circuit of 2km.


5. Tamagawa River

One of Tokyo's most famous rivers offers a trail which extends from the length of the river through urban Tokyo, and through to the river mouth in Tokyo Bay. This bike path and running track offers a great opportunity to stroll and race for long distance runs over 15km.

Marking the division between Tokyo and Kanagawa, you can access the river from a number of stations making it a convenient and popular trail for running enthusiasts. Our favorites are Tamagawa, Futako-Tamagawa and Izumi-Tamagawa stations.


6. Arakawa River

Site of the annual Arakawa Marathon in March, this route along the Arakawa River in Tokyo can go on just about as long as you want it to. All the way from Tokyo Bay to even as far as Saitama!

Start at Ukimafunado station (north) or Nishi-Kasai station (south) and let’s see where it takes you!


7. Meguro River

The Meguro River is very famous in Japan because it’s a spectacular spot for Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). But it's also a safe haven to run in the south of Tokyo. From Nakameguro and going down to the south, you can run on the banks and see the beauty of the Japanese river. 

Small tips: start and leave your stuff in a locker at Nakameguro Metro station, and continue on until Gotanda station.

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